Musings : Questioning a Generation

I was speaking with an elder the other day and he was spitting a lot of good knowledge but really coming down hard on ‘my generation’ as they often do. As usual I listened intently because you never want to miss a rant from an elder. No matter how over the top it may be on the surface, there are always small take aways or bits of knowledge that can be applied.


“You all have no direction. You have no sense of purpose, no sense of what hard work is. You use circumstances as an excuse to be still and not fight for your dreams. It’s sad.” He ranted.

I think a lot about my ‘generation.’ I think about whether or not we have taken full advantage of what’s out there. Have we used ALL of the resources provided to us? Are we lazy? Or do we have a drive that those of another older generation may not understand?

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Sunday Shoe Watch : Brogues


Just a random shot of a beautiful shoe. Details coming later.

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Editorial : A Day in the Life of an Over Dressed Regular Guy

Everyone has to run errands, pay bills, go to work etc. Why not look your best while doing so?


Head to toe: (Fedora by GAP, Blazer by Sneak Outfitters, Chambray by Levis for UO, Denim by Levis, Cap Toe Shoes by Coe Haan )

Getting dressed should be the bread and butter of your day. I think of it as the time I get to fully express myself. For me, it’s my way to express my art. My calling card. I learned a long time ago that ‘perception is everything.’ The older I get, the more thankful I am for that lesson.

I’ve been teasing these pics for a few days on social media (@metropolitanboy on Instagram & Twitter). They’re just of me, going about my regular day in my hometown of Baltimore, MD.
The shots you see are a couple of my favorite shots from my recent shoot with photographer Alexander Dobson. *whispers* he’s amazing I’m a fan of candid shots and he got some good ones of me. Click here to see all the shots


That being said, I declare 2014 to be “The Year of the Over Dressed” because it’s always better to be over dressed than under dressed.

Challenge yourselves to look your best at all times this year.

-JR Johnson

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What is Your Black History?

It’s Black History month and I’m proud to be counted among those who are Young, Gifted and Black (thanks Aretha and Nina for that song). Many say that one month isn’t enough to celebrate those who came before us to ‘pave the way’ (those quotes were in no way meant to mock the struggle). I’m proud of where I come from. I’m a style enthusiast so of course you know that I have my favorites.


Photos courtesy of the Esquire Blog and respectively.

Hendrix (of course) for simply not being like anyone but… well Hendrix. His style can’t really be compared to anyone else’s. He was fearless and that also reflected in his music.

Hodges (Johnny) is one that people may not be as familiar with. He was a style icon in his own right with his loosely fitted (Zoot?) suits and wide brimmed fedoras. He and Mr. Ellington (Duke) kind of ruled that look in the late 20s.

These guys (among others) are great to reflect on. I do think however we harp on the past too much. Our past struggles/legacies are important, but personally I’d like to concentrate on my own. Why not aspire to be someone else’s champion. I believe we are in a place where we can start to persevere and become the leaders of our generation. I’m not sure about anyone else, but this February I plan to start working hard to become a man who the world (not just black America) can be proud of. I would love to be some snot nosed kid’s Black History project (Lol).

But on a totally serious note…


Shot courtesy of Alexander Dobson (my new amazing photographer)

I am JR Johnson AKA The Metropolitan Boy. I’m a writer. An arbiter of style. A singer. A lover and supporter of all things art. A comic book enthusiast (eccentric right?).

What will you be remembered for? What is Your Black History?

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Style Resolutions

It’s a new year and often times we have things about ourselves that we want to leave in the previous years or things that me want to improve on.


As a blogger, I want to provide my audience with the most concrete content that I can. That starts today.

Check out the deets from my NYE look.


Jogger Detail:


Details: Military Jacket-Sneak Outfitters, Mickey Tee-Forever 21, Alligator Print Leather Joggers-Sports Zone, Boots-Timberland, Cap-Jack Threads

They say that how you ring in the New Year foreshadows how the rest of your year will progress. Looks like my year will be quite promising. (toots horn)

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